4 Wheel Drive on Radio in Dublin

4 Wheel Drive in 7 minutes


Here it is :  our 3rd CD called 'Travelling Kind', featuring Jolanda Peters on no less than 4 songs. We're very proud of it and we will publish reviews and further description of this project on our website soon. Meantime you can order it here. All of you who purchased our CD 'Another Town' - a very warm thank you, thank you ! See you on the road.

Joost, Jan, Ullie, Jürgen, Alfred, Jolanda



 Here's the deal : Our second CD 'Another Town' and our new one 'Travelling kind' for only 25€




 The European band 4 Wheel Drive with members from Germany, Holland and Belgium is probably the most talked about and lauded European bluegrass group of this past decade that has achieved great popularity without diluting or jazzing up too much this intriguing subgenre on the big Americana music tree.

 These fine musicians, who collected  ages of experience in national bands, are all in the full strength of their lives now keeping  the abdominal fat at a fair distance by playing festivals, clubs and theaters all over the continent. By doing so they have collected awards and recognition in the European folk & bluegrass world.

  By bringing their highly entertaining and virtuosic one-mike-class-act to the stages of many a music festival in Europe for the last 10 years, they have certainly delivered a contribution to introducing European audiences to the mysterious genre of bluegrass music : this wonderful footstomping  blend of acoustic folk, blues-, jazz-and country music that is able to excite so many when they first hear it live delivered by 4 Wheel Drive with freshness, vitality and integrity.